Know About the Basic Functions of Website Monitoring

website monitoring pricePerformance of the website is important, for any online business. Active websites get more web traffic with increasing customer satisfaction. When website performance is inconsistent and inappropriate, these factors greatly impact web traffic and reduce the website performance.

Website monitoring facilities are important for active websites; these are monitoring all web applications to provides live performance of websites.

Website monitoring does many functions for activating the website. Some important functions are:

  • Global monitoring facilities: Website performance is important for global scale. Web site visits are possible from any location of the globe. Hence assessing website performance is possible by using different servers in different places. Monitoring facilities monitors all those server applications to measure the website uptime and downtime.
  • Tracking web server or routers problems: Website performance depends on routers or firewalls also. Misconfiguration of server connections blocks internet access to disturb website performance. Server monitoring facilities monitors all the applications and connections to prevent those problems to activate the website.
  • Immediate error notification: Monitoring facility monitors application immediately sends alerts about the error through SMS or email to administration.
  • Measure website uptime: It is the history of website in a specific time interval. Continuous monitoring of website measures uptime to provide statistical reports.
  • Detect application hacking: Website monitoring monitors all web applications continuously, these continuous monitoring prevents application hacking to protect the website.
  • Reduce website downtime: Application downtime affects website performance. Continuous monitoring activates the website by preventing application errors immediately.

Website monitoring provides active websites with error free applications. Thus, monitoring facilities activate the server performance too.

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