Top Affordable New Cars of 2014

For most auto shoppers in a new car purchase, price remains the real driving force in their car buying decision process. If budget limitations mean looking for low cost brand new car, the following are the cheapest deals on the new wheels. Despite being bargain basement, some of these entry level vehicles or cars offer standard equipment lists, more fun behind wheel than anticipated, and unexpected cargo capabilities. Prices listed here are official manufacturer’s suggested retail prices and include destination charges.

  • Nissan Versa Sedan ($12,800): The Nissan Versa sedan continues its reign as the most inexpensive new vehicle available in the United States. While the Nissan Versa Sedan wears its miserly crown proudly, it also features with some decent equipment, namely a CD stereo, air conditioning, and some fairly economically priced options. Fuel economy ratings of the base model check in at 27 mpg on city and 36 mpg on highway. Upgrading to an automatic version costs around $1,000.
  • Chevrolet Spark LS ($12,995): The Chevrolet Spark LS is available only in two door hatchback form. It is an entry level offering from General Motor’s. The Chevrolet’s 1.2 liter four cylinder engine has 84 horsepower. The Spark LS is outfitted with aluminum wheels, an adjustable steering column, hill start assist power windows and air conditioning. The Chevrolet Spark LS comes with a manual transmission and fuel economy. Its fuel economy is rated at 31 mpg city, and 39 mpg highway.
  • Smart Fortwo pure ($13,240): The smart fortwo pure plays its price leader role too well. It is no cruise control, no air conditioning and offering no audio system. Its 1.0 liter three cylinder engine develops a scant 70 horsepower. The Smart fortwo pure does not even make 40 mpg highway, those numbers just do not add up.
  • Mistsubishi Mirage ($13,790): The new 2014 Mirage will raise the eyebrows of the hypermilers in the crowd. At 34 mpg city and 42 mpg highway, with the four door hatchback delivers the best fuel economy ratings of a hybrid. Can upgrade the transmission for around $1,000 and the 1.2 liter three cylinder realizes the fuel efficiency 37 mpg city and 44 mpg highway.
  • Kia Rio LX (14,400): Buyers can opt for Kia Rio LX sedan or pay out about $200 more for roomier Rio5 LX hatchback. A carryover of new for 2013 proposition, the Rio has 1.6 liter 138 horsepower engine. It tallies fuel economy of 29 mpg city and 37 mpg highway in numbers.

There are some other affordable models from different makes. Those are Ford Fiesta S sedan ($14,795), Nissan Versa Note ($14,800), Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan ($14,995), Toyota Yaris L 3-door ($15,240), Hyundai Accent sedan ($15,340), Kia Soul ($15,495), Mazda Mazda2 Sport ($15,515), Honda Fit ($16,215), Scion iQ ($16,420), Scion xD ($16,675), Kia Forte LX ($16,700), Nissan Sentra S ($16,800), Dodge Dart SE ($16,990), FIAT 500 Pop ($16,995), and Nissan cube ($17,570).