Technologies for Seniors’ Safety and Mobility in Cars

Seniors’ safety and mobility is an important factor while they are in driving. There are technologies developed especially for senior citizens’ safety and mobility. Some of them are given under to have safe driving for seniors.

Enhanced night vision
This System helps elderly drivers who can’t really visualize things beyond a fixed distance. This system will detect the vehicles coming there car using some infra red lights, special type of cameras, head up displays and other kinds of technologies. These will alert the driver through a monitor if there are risks confronting them. Thus, you have better chance of avoiding accidents.

Advanced head lightening system
This is some what similar to the night vision technology. Advanced head lightening system can detect the sights in the corners and it can also detect the vehicles in bad weather conditions. It increases the visibility at night and reduces the accidents. Particularly this system helps the old drivers.

Adaptive cruise control
Adaptive cruise control helps in controlling the car speed to match it with the vehicle coming towards it. This is done by slowing it down. This system is completely autonomous and doesn’t need the intrusion of the driver or other external infrastructures. Therefore, there won’t be a burden on senior drivers.

Lane change collision avoiding system
This system is designed to avoid lane changing by giving alerts to the drivers regarding the risks in the adjacent lane when drivers change the lane. This system can detect the vehicles that are in surroundings and gives a notification to the driver through a signal. This reduces crashes that might occur.

Intersection collision warning system
Crashes may occur during the intersection points of the vehicles especially in rural and urban intersections. This warns the drivers of the traffic that is approaching towards the vehicle.

Improved crash injury protection
There are diverse crash protection systems developed: crumple zones, auto emergency braking, etc. This improved features help senior drivers protect themselves without any involvement. These type of improved systems will automatically work if they detect any risks coming towards the car.

These advanced technologies help the old drivers get protection even when they are alone. Some of these technologies automatically work without the involvement of the driver. So, it is recommended for the old drivers to have this kind of systems or equipments in there car when they are driving. This will help them a lot.