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Galileo 3D Imaging System For Better Diagnosis And Prognosis Of Oral Cavity

Galileo 3D X ray is an X-ray machine. It furnishes good quality image, and in clinical diagnosis. It obtains an overall image of the mouth interior in fourteen seconds and allows 200 distinct exposures. This leads to better taking care for patients’ teeth, other important factors that affect dental factors. Lowest radiation is used such […]

Dental Inlays and Outlays

Do your teeth need fillings? Need a dental procedure for that? Then, I would suggest you inlays/outlays. Do you want to know what are they and the procedures involved in the treatment? Then, go through this article. Dental inlays Dental inlay is bigger than a filling and smaller when compared to crowns. Here the teeth […]

Nanorobots for Health Care in Human Bodies

Nanotechnology in Nanorobots is going to be available very soon for the future generations, they need not worry about going to doctors or pharmaceutical shop and also no health problems. This technology gives a strong promise to give the powerful medicine. Many proposed solutions in the nano-medicine will have nanorobots, which serves as antibodies in […]

CEREC A Dental Restoration Technique with Natural Teeth Color

What is a CEREC and why is it necessary? CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. This is one of the modern technological tools used in dentistry. CEREC is a dental restoration tool which is used to detect and restore the decayed teeth and also places dental crowns. This replaces the traditional amalgam […]

Various Technologies Used in Water Purifiers

A water purifier has become an essential appliance in everyone’s home in order to assure safe and purified drinking water. However, a right choice of purifier is only possible if you are aware of the working of the device. Various technologies are being used in water purifiers and it is necessary to have a basic […]

12,000 pounds of Pot Seized by Chicago Police

Chicago Authorities on 23rd August, Tuesday seized marijuana during a bust in Chicago’s West Side. They found nearly 6 tons of pot with the help of two Chicago police dogs. The drugs were packed in 25 pound bricks which were wrapped in layers using cellophane, aluminum and ball bearing grease. However, the dogs managed to […]

25% of US Drivers, Who Died In Car Crash Tested Positive for Marijuana

The worst habit that all the substance abusers have is driving under drug’s influence. The chemicals present in the drug make them excited and they don’t even know what they are doing under its influence. Drug Abusers are similar to people who never knew driving, even when they are driving their own car after having […]