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Brake Safety Inspection – Parts to be Inspected

Brake discsBrakes are very important safety parts that need to be well maintained. Any fault in the brake may keep you and your vehicle in danger. So, you need to inspect brakes of your vehicles and its parts regularly. In other words, at least twice in a year, the brakes are to be inspected. Regular […]

Critical Safety Technology for Vehicles

Automobile industry is coming up with new technologies to ensure safety, comfort and quality driving experience. Of these, safety is the most important criteria. Some of the safety applications are really helpful for today’s vehicles. To make people aware of them, we discuss safety apps and technologies that are being used in modern vehicles. Driver […]

About Auto Emergency Braking System in a Vehicle

Auto emergency braking (AEB) system is a safety feature which is used to alert the drive to avoid accidents. Firstly it sends warning signals to the driver. If the driver doesn’t respond to the warning signals AEB system alone has the ability to stop the vehicle. Here we’ll discuss about the types of AEB versions […]

Technologies for Seniors’ Safety and Mobility in Cars

Seniors’ safety and mobility is an important factor while they are in driving. There are technologies developed especially for senior citizens’ safety and mobility. Some of them are given under to have safe driving for seniors. Enhanced night vision This System helps elderly drivers who can’t really visualize things beyond a fixed distance. This system […]

The Working of the Steering Mechanism in Automotives

Ever thought how it all works when you are using a steering wheel? When you turn the wheel right, the wheels turn right and when you turn it left the wheels turn left. This might seem like it is caused by a simple mechanically adjusted reaction, but what actually happens inside is a bit more […]

Alternative fuels for Automobiles

What are alternative fuels? Alternative fuels are non-conventional fuels used as an alternative to the conventional fuels. Conventional fuels include fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, etc., and elements like uranium and thorium which are used in nuclear power generation. On the other hand alternative fuels include, Bio-diesel, bio-alcohol, natural gas, vegetable oils, stored electricity etc. […]

Get to Know How a Locking Differential Works

The locking differential locks both the wheels to the same axle. Different from an open differential, which splits the rotational force between the wheels and letting them spin at different speeds, a locking differential does not allow them to spin at differing speeds. An open differential allows for individual tire spins during turns, or other […]