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Honda Posts a Record Quarterly Profit on Sales Rise

The full year earnings of the sales of the Honda grew much in North America, Japan and Asia. The car maker achieved a quarterly profit of 272.4 billion yen, i.e., $3.2 billion. Smaller models which do not deliver hefty profit margins but whose sales held up are focused by the Honda. One of the few […]

Decrease in Unemployment Rate as Small Business Hiring Goes Up: Survey Reports

According to a survey conducted by the Payroll firm, SurePayroll’s monthly Business Scorecard, small businesses showed moderate hiring gains, but with pay little changed. These findings were based on payroll data collected from same companies all across the country. Continuing the same pace, July too showed the same 0.2% hiring growth in U.S small business. […]

Small Business Lending Figures Declined Compared to June 2009

As per the banking trade association’s statistics, there is an increase in new loans to small firms by £75 million between May and June of 2010. But year-on-year, there is decrease in term lending by £269 million compared to June 2009, during which the economy was still in recession. There is also a decrease in […]

Impact of Administration’s Policies on Job Creation: Lombardo Consulting Group

Around 8 out of 10 small business owners which constitutes 45 percent of them expressed that they are very concerned about the increase in the size and power of the US federal government over the past few years, according to an independent poll conducted by Lombardo Consulting Group which was commissioned by the US Chamber. […]

Growth in Minority Owned Businesses: US Census Survey

There was a numerous increase in minorities owned businesses, as per a survey by US census Bureau on business owners. There was almost 46 percent increase in the minority-owned businesses during 2002 to 2007. When compared with US businesses growth, the growth of the minority-owned businesses grew double by rate. According to the surveys taken […]

Credit Discount to small business for Job Creation: Chase bank

The Chase bank has come up with a program to help small businesses by providing lower interest rates on credit for the companies which create jobs. Its main aim is to provide low rate interest credit for small businesses. Many people were surprised to know about discounts on credit. It was totally unexpected boon for […]

Small Businesses opting Credit Unions

Credit unions help small businesses by providing credit at reasonable rates. Small businesses are going for credit unions for loans as a result of banks having a tighter hold on credit. The banks are having very less businesses when compared with Credit Unions. If there is successful change in the law caps by Congress, 7,500 […]