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Contribution of Small Businesses to US GDP in Q4 2009

GDP report of U.S. Shows the economy is growing very fast over the years, but the small businesses are still lagging. According to government data, U.S. 2009 fourth-quarter GDP grew 5.6 percent, the fastest pace since 2003. According to Drew White, Sageworks’s chief financial officer, the survey results represent “tens-to-hundreds of thousands” of U.S. privately-held […]

House Passes Bid To Promote Loans to Small-Busineses

The U.S. House has recently approved legislation to create a $30 billion fund to increase lending to small businesses through community banks. With this bill, small businesses will get more credit and they can fix their ground more firmly. The House Small Business Committee Chairwoman said that entrepreneurs or small businesses used to rely on […]

China Set Eight Percent GDP Growth In 2010

China has a third largest economy throughout the world. For the year 2010 China announced the goal to achieve 8% GDP growth. China announced 8 percent target because it will aim to achieve following aspect: to quality of growth to transformation of economic growth pattern to adjustment of economic structure In previous year, china made […]

New Home Transactions In US Increases

People are habituated to see bad economy, decreased profits, increased losses, plummeted indexes, increased unemployment rates, etc, since past few months. I think this news can be a little odd as well as relief amid this stuff you see in news everyday. The US housing market has seen a recent increase in one of its […]

US Grand Bailout – Know Where It Went

Since the Bush government signed for a massive bailout of $700 billions, the people are wondering with different kind of questions. And even with the pumping of such massive assets by the government, the market doesn’t seem to recover yet. I am presenting before you some statistics and details of the grand bailout or TARP, […]

UK Unemployment Reached 2-Million Mark

Increasing unemployment rate is not an issue just with the US. There are many other countries where the unemployment and jobless rate is increasing rapidly.UK is one of these countries. The unemployment in UK has surged to around two millions between September and November of 2008. The main reason behind this increased unemployment figures is […]

Bail out Plan for Recession Is Approved By Sweden

On Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Sweden’s parliament approved a 1.5 trillion Kronor, approximately $200 billion rescue package for the nation’s financial sector. From past few months, every country in the world was facing financial crisis. Every government is planning a rescues plan to help the financial sector but some are progress of approval and some […]