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Internet Marketing and Different Types of Internet Advertisements

Earlier, Internet marketing had limited scope, it was only restricted to email marketing and search engine optimization, but today the scope is very broad, Internet marketing offers many strategies such as display advertising, social media, content marketing, PPC, etc. for businesses to leverage them and get noticed in the World Wide Web. The method of […]

Using Social Networking and the Internet to Plan a Wedding

Technology is at every field. In order to plan wedding, couples took the help of the magazines and wedding planners. But the future of wedding planning is changing to day. Many of the brides and grooms are accessing the wedding planning tools, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter through the internet. Use […]

Role of Internet Marketing In Automotive Industry

In recent times, many retail businesses are considering Internet marketing as their preferred marketing solution to reach consumers. Many businesses consider taking their business online an issue with Internet Marketing. However, it’s about understanding, and utilizing current marketing trends effectively to enhance a business’s web presence. With Internet marketing, automotive businesses can take their services […]

Google PageRank vs Alexa Traffic Rank

PageRank (PR for short) is the method by which Google evaluates the importance of any given site. Pagerank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on a logarithmic scale (like Richter scale), meaning that the gaps between the integers increase logarithmically the closer you […]

Internet, Most Popular Media in 2009 : Yankee Group report

As per the new Yankee Group report, advertising was more on internet than TV in 2009 as the Americans spend more time on Internet on comparison with other media categories like mobile, TV and others. The report also showed that the lion’s share of decline was because of TV advertising which dropped from $52 billion […]

Growth of Mobile Internet Usage : ComScore

When compared with the previous quarters, the use of smart phones has increased to 25% among the US mobile phone audience in Q2, 2010 according to the survey done by the nielsen. During the previous quarter the usage was 23%. With the increase in the usage of smartphones, mobile internet usage has increased. 85.5 million […]

How Does a Web-Server Work?

Different servers provide different types of services. Several types of applications like file transfer, e-mail, printing and communications etc. can be done by using the servers. Servers may vary depending on the factors like configuration and the software used. Modern servers are architecture with higher bandwidth rates as a result of it, more number of […]