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Different Types of Network Switches

A switch is a device to connect networked devices together where the data is received from multiple input ports and is channeled out to the devices that are intended to receive it. Network switches are used for similar functionality as hubs but each data packet is examined and processed only to the destination device instead […]

Significance Of Sitemap to a Website

A sitemap is a hierarchical breakdown of website information that allows easy navigation of website content. In general, a sitemap file contains list of web pages with details about the site content, having links to all sections of the website. Why Websites Need Sitemaps? Sitemaps are important for every website both large and small because […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing Rebuilt Used Engines

It is a good idea to buy a used engine for the vehicle, for it brings advantages. Rebuilt or re-manufactured engines are made of the parts of the old engines, enriched in quality, to make them good enough as the new car engines. But, these engines may also bring few disadvantages, as they have already […]

Critical Safety Technology for Vehicles

Automobile industry is coming up with new technologies to ensure safety, comfort and quality driving experience. Of these, safety is the most important criteria. Some of the safety applications are really helpful for today’s vehicles. To make people aware of them, we discuss safety apps and technologies that are being used in modern vehicles. Driver […]

About Auto Emergency Braking System in a Vehicle

Auto emergency braking (AEB) system is a safety feature which is used to alert the drive to avoid accidents. Firstly it sends warning signals to the driver. If the driver doesn’t respond to the warning signals AEB system alone has the ability to stop the vehicle. Here we’ll discuss about the types of AEB versions […]

Through Hole Technology in PCB

The PCB technology to design PCB came to fulfill the need for a strong and effective circuit design. Throughout the evolution of the PCB until the 1980s, the electronic components that used to come contained metallic leads. These leads were used to fix and firm the components on the circuit by soldering them on the […]

Nanorobots for Health Care in Human Bodies

Nanotechnology in Nanorobots is going to be available very soon for the future generations, they need not worry about going to doctors or pharmaceutical shop and also no health problems. This technology gives a strong promise to give the powerful medicine. Many proposed solutions in the nano-medicine will have nanorobots, which serves as antibodies in […]