All about Online newspapers

AdserverAn online newspaper or web newspaper is a newspaper that exists on the World Wide Web or Internet, either separately or as an online version of a printed journal. Nowadays online is creating more opportunities for newspapers, such as competing with broadcast journalism in presenting breaking news in time. The trustworthiness and strong brand recognition of well-established newspapers, and the close relationships they have with advertisers, are also seen by many in the newspaper industry as strengthening their chances of survival. The movement away from the printing process can also help decrease costs. Specialized journalists have some advantages over blogs, as editors are generally aware of the potential for legal problems. Online newspapers are much like hard-copy newspapers and have the same legal limitations, such as laws regarding libel, privacy and copyright, also apply to online publications in most countries, like in the UK. Also in the UK the Data Protection Act applies to online newspapers and news pages. As well as the PCC rules in the UK. But the difference was not very clear to the public in the UK as to what a blog or forum site was and what an online newspaper was. In 2007, a ruling was approved to formally regulate UK based online newspapers, news audio, and news video websites covering the tasks expected of them and to clear up what is, and what isn’t, an online publication.

News reporters are being trained to shoot video and to write in the concise manner necessary for the Internet news pages. Many are learning how to implement blogs and the ruling by the UK’s PCC should help this development of the internet. Journalism students in schools around the world are being taught about the “convergence” of all media and the need to have information and skills involving print, broadcast and web. Some newspapers have attempted to integrate the internet into every aspect of their operations, i.e., reporters writing stories for both print and online, and classified advertisements appearing in both media; others operate websites that are more distinct from the printed newspaper.

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