School Children Are Using More Drugs

Cost of living is increasing day by day. It becomes compulsory for both parents to work for providing better life to children. After coming from school, kids just sit in front the computer and visit different sites. Some websites are attracting kids to use drugs. Most kids use drugs in the evening because no one will be present at home for stopping them.

According to some research, 75% of total drug abusers are school students. Drug testing in schools helps the management in finding out the drug abuse students and informing their parents about the drug abuse of their children. Both management and parents should discuss about the drug abuse students and take relative measures for preventing and controlling the drug abuse students.

Detected as drug abuse can lead to many health issues and they should also undergo other tests like vision and hearing tests. Drug testing can make parents alert for controlling the drug abuse in their children. Number of schools engaged in drug testing is increasing slowly but steadily.

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