Short Term Effects of Marijuana Use

Shortly after using marijuana, users usually report a feeling of elation, enhanced ability to relax, and changes in their perception of the world around them. Mental effects of marijuana can often be hard to predict, although the general consensus is that using marijuana is a very pleasing experience, but reports of “bad trips”, or unpleasant experiences, are not uncommon. Ideas often flow more freely, giving users a sense of being more creative or intuitive. If the people won’t take marijuana drug test, they will have the heavy bad effects on life.

A marijuana user’s sense of time may be distorted, resulting in hours feeling like minutes or vice versa. Short term memory is decreased substantially, and some marijuana users often find it hard to remember things they have just been told or have done. Some level of paranoia is present after consuming certain strains of the drug, and at high dose levels panic attacks may ensue. A myriad of physical effects can be observed in the marijuana user as well. In addition to an increased sense of relaxation, marijuana can cause lethargy or overall sleepiness in its users. Marijuana, whether eaten or smoked, is also effective in increasing a person’s appetite. This has led to the term “munchies” being associated with feeling hungry after marijuana use.

Obviously it is unhealthy to inhale smoke of any kind, marijuana smoke being no exception. Coughing, wheezing, and a variety of upper respiratory can result from consuming marijuana through smoking. Other common short term side effects associated with marijuana usage are reddening of the eyes, loss of coordination, and lightheadedness. Marijuana is mostly in the professional age. And many organizations are proving employee marijuana drug testing programs and the addicted people who are not undergoing the treatments may be terminated from the offices as it is illegal.

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